Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ear-gasm Alert

Well i was just thinking i don't get anything from posting on various sites and Mog just blows so i'm gonna put my music/life here....DUH
Music Drunk 3/17/09
Song:Me and Bobby McGee

I'm pretty damned sure that Janis is/will always be my favorite female rock singer of all time.
"QUOTEDTH" tha Pimp....


B42 said...

Nice catch Keith, great take on a beautiful song. I've also been wandering a bit, mogless ans still searching for the sound. Good seeing you playing with twitter, you can feed it blog posts at http://twitterfeed.com/ if you're into it. peace bro, spring is upon us and I got a new totally psycho lab from the shelter, we be having some fun.


dang i never saw this
twitter is dead ya know :)
they deleted most of my music from here
as it has been said before
"Music is everybody's possession.
It's only publishers who think that people own it."
~John Lennon
i really need to do more with this place