Thursday, February 7, 2008

Black Label Society - Shot To Hell

This is one of my favorite bands of the last few years.Also the first show Pimp Jr. and i attended together at the Masquerade in Atlanta.Always loved Zakk's work with Ozzy.Pride & Glory was a godsend when it hit.I really REALLY love this cats take on life.

Shot to Hell marks Black Label Society's debut for Roadrunner Records, following a six-year relationship with Spitfire summarized on the previous year's Kings of Damnation: Era 1998-2004 compilation. Shot to Hell may mark a new era for Zakk Wylde and company, yet not much has changed artistically, no doubt to the relief of fans. Over the course of 13 songs, the band showcases impressive musicianship, incorporating occasional moodiness and balladic touches into its otherwise charging style of metal. The usual comparisons to Alice in Chains, Pantera, and Corrosion of Conformity are as apt as ever, with Wylde's vocals especially reminiscent of AIC. The album-opening "Concrete Jungle" is an instant highlight, kicking off the album in high fashion, while the piano ballad "The Last Goodbye" is another, highlighting Wylde's songwriting talent, as is "Nothing's the Same," another mellow song. While Shot to Hell offers nothing that past Black Label Society releases haven't, and nothing revelatory enough to convince those so far unconvinced of the band's continuing worth, anyone interested in more of the band's consistent output from year to year should find plenty to enjoy here.